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Comman name: Amitraz

CAS RN: [33089-61-1]

M. F.: C19H23N3

Mol. Wt: 293.4

Formulation: 99%TC; 12.5%, 20%EC

Packing: 25Kgs/Fiber drum for tech.; Plastic bottle or Iron ...
Triazophos (Technical, 20 EC)

Common name: Triazophos

Chemical name: 0, O-diethyl o-(1-phenyl-1H-1, 2, 4-triazol-3-yl) phosphorothioate

Physical and chemical properties: ...
Common Name: Carbendazim

CAS No.: 10605-21-7

M. F.: C9H9N3O2

Formulation: 98% Tech.; 50%WP; 50%SC

Packing: 25Kgs/Woven bag for Tech. And WP; 200Ltrs/Plastic drum for ...
Common name: Lambda cyhalothrin

CAS No.: 91465-08-6

M. F.: C23H19ClF3NO3

Formulation: 95% Tech.; 10%WP; 5%EC; 2.5% EC

Packing: Fiber drum for tech.; SWB for 10%WP; ...
Common name: Propineb

CAS RN: 12071-83-9

M. F.: (C5H8N2S4Zn)x

Mol. Wt.: 289.8

Formulation: 85%, 90%tech; 75%WP; 35%WDG

Packing: 25kg/woven bag.
Common name: Propoxur

CAS RN: [114-26-1]

M. F.: C11H15NO3

Mol. Wt.: 209.2

Formulation: 97% Tech, 50% WP

Packing: 97% Tech for 25Kgs/iron drum; 50% WP for ...
Common name: Thiocyclam

Formulation: 50% SP

Packing: 25kgs/fiber drum
Common name: Tetramethrin

CAS RN: [7696-12-10]

M. F.: C19H25NO4

Mol. Wt.: 331.4

Formulation: 94% Tech

Packing: 25kgs/iron drum
Common name: Isoprothiolane

CAS RN: [50512-35-1]

M. F.: C12H18O4S2

Mol. Wt.: 290.4

Formulation: 90% Tech, 40% EC

Packing: 200kgs/iron drum
Common name: Fenobucarb

CAS RN: [3766-81-2]

M. F.: C12H17NO2

Mol. Wt.: 207.3

Formulation: 97% Tech, 50% EC

Packing: 200kgs/iron drum
Common name: Benalaxyl

CAS RN: [71626-11-4]

M. F.: C20H23NO3

Mol. Wt.: 325.4

Formulation: 95% Tech; 25% WP

Packing: 25kgs/Woven bag
Common name: Deltamethrin

CAS RN: [52918-63-5]

M. F.: C22H19Br2NO3

Mol. Wt.: 505.2

Formulation: 98% Tech, 2.5% EC

Packing: 98% Tech for 25Kgs/Fiber drum; 2.5% EC ...
Common name: Buprofezin

CAS RN: [69327-76-0]

M. F.: C16H23N3OS

Mol. Wt.: 305.4

Formulation: 25%WP

Packing: 25kgs/fiber drum
Common name: Fluazifop-p-butyl

CAS RN: [79241-46-6]

M. F.: C19H20F3NO4

Mol. Wt.: 383.4

Formulation: 95% Tech; 14.5%EC

Packing: 25kg/fiber drum for Tech; 200kg/iron ...
Common name: Propamocarb

CAS RN; [24579-73-5]

M. F.: C9H20N2O2

Mol. Wt.: 188.27

Formulation: 98% Tech; 72.2% SL

Packing; 25 kg/fiber drum; 200kg/iron drum for SL
Common name: Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl

CAS RN: [71283-80-2]

M. F.: C18H16ClNO5

Mol. Wt.: 361.8

Formulation: 95% Tech; 6.9% & 7.5%EW, 10%EC, 14.5%EC

Packing: 25kg/fiber drum ...
Common name: Pyridaben

CAS RN: [96489-71-3]

M. F.: C19h25cln2OS

Mol. Wt: 364.9

Formulation: 95% Tech; 15%EC; 20%WP

Packing: 25kg/fiber drum for tech and WP; ...
Common name: Diflubenzuron

CAS RN: [35367-38-5]

M. F.: C14H9ClF2N2O2

Mol. Wt.: 310.7

Formulation: 95% Tech

Packing: 25kg/fiber drum for Tech
Common name: Lurfenuron

CAS RN: [103055-07-8]

M. F.: C17H8Cl2F8N2O3

Mol. Wt.: 511.2

Formulation: 97% Tech, 5% EC

Packing: 200kgs/iron drum
Common name: Beta-cyfluthrin

CAS RN: [68539-37-5]

M. F.: C22H18Cl2FNO3

Mol. Wt.: 434.3

Formulation: 95% Tech; 12.5%SC

Packing: 95% tech for 25kgs/fiber drum; 12.5%SC ...
Common name: Imidacloprid

CAS RN: [138261-41-3]

M. F.: C9H10ClN5O2

Mol. Wt.: 255.7

Formulation: 98%Tech; 10%, 20%SL; 10%, 25%, 70%WP

Packing: Fiber drum for Tech; ...
Common name: Niclosamide

CAS RN: [50-65-7]

M. F.: C13H8Cl2N2O4

Mol. Wt.: 327.1

Formulation: 98% Tech, 25% EC

Packing: 98% Tech for 25Kgs/Fiber drum; 25% EC for ...

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